"Weeping women"

video installation(00:10:39)

I am now crying for the peace of woman.

I, just one woman, might look just like a crying woman. But I am one of the women that are being hurt today. My voice is the voice of all the hurt women. I represent women.

Why the beautiful, the smart women have to suffer so much.
The around me, there are many women who have great talent.
However, many of the women, can not have the place to fully demonstrate their abilities, due to the fact that they can not get enough understanding. Sometimes, hurt to the limit because of unfairly given revenges. But even though, the gently and tolerant woman, without blaming others, introspectively accept the reality.

Woman give birth in suffering, raise life and receive betrayal, and is treated like a nuisance. I feel sorry for women who can not break the chain of this triple trouble. But, even the patience of a saint has limits. Our heart, merciful as the deepest sea, now must wake the eyes of men.

Lets stop using the prefix “female” in front of professions. Female artist, female athlete, female bureaucrat, female police officers, female teachers. We must eradicate the obscene notion that man is put in these words.

In this society, there are a lot of odd things. For example, why mothers with children are supposed feel refrain from visiting public spaces. Why ugly women are told not to ride on women-only vehicles. Why doing the makeup on the train is wrong. Please do not treat women during menstruation as dirty things. I want to turn into Alzheimer's the grain of the men who only values woman by their face. And as they start wandering lost, take them all to a facility for them at the outskirts of the city. Local economy will also be stimulated. Only women can have such flexible thinking. For men who are a ball of domination greed it is impossible.

We will wade through grassroots, and let's pull all men’s roots. And, let's cultivate a liberal and flat grass. On top of that, women will roll their leisure sheets and have a picnic. A grassed park without a center. There is no center to focus the power. Let’s have the past bad spirits of an expansive delusion called power be gone to the other world. I don’t want to be possessed by bad spirits anymore. I do not want to see the other paralyzed. Demons scare off.

Dear sisters, it is time to move. Don’t wait. In order to eliminate the war, in order to bring peace to the world, we should be united for contribution. It is our duty.

Let’s give an end to all that possibilities rejected out of hand, or the memories of been raped in public, or the fact that of having being pushed down from the top of a social status. Now, from here, let's start the "end".





私のまわりには、すばらしい才能を持った女性がたくさんいます。 しかし彼女たちの多くは、才能をもちながらも周りの理解が得られず、充分に能力を発揮する場を持てずにいます。時には、他人にいわれのない仕打ちを受け、ずたぼろに傷つきます。それでも、 優しく寛容な彼女は、他人を責めることなく、内省的に現実を受け入れます。 女は、生んで苦しみ、育てては裏切られ、老いては邪魔者扱いをされる存在です。この三重苦の連鎖を断ち切ることができない女たちが、かわいそうでかわいそうで仕方ありません。ですが、仏の顔も3度まで。海のように深い慈悲をもった心も、今は修羅となって男どもの目を覚まさせなければなりません。

この世の職業の前に女性とつけるのはもうやめにしましょう。女性アーティスト、女性アスリート、女性官僚、女性警察官、女性教師。これらの言葉に男がこめている猥褻な観念を根絶やしにしなければなりません。 この社会には、おかしなことがたくさんあります。なぜ、子を持つ母親が、パブリックな場に訪れることに遠慮を感じなくてはいけないのですか。なぜ、女性専用車両にブスは乗るなと言われるのですか。電車の中で化粧をして何が悪いのですか。生理中の女性を汚いもの扱いしないでください。